Want to get MORE

out of your technology devices?

Want them to run faster and work more efficiently?
Then you need Device Diagnostics Service!

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Device Diagnostics Service

Want to get MORE out of your technology devices?
Want them to run faster and work more efficiently?
Then you need Device Diagnostics Service!

Device Diagnostics Service keeps your technology devices up to date and maintained so that they work more efficiently.
Just like your car runs better if it’s regularly maintained and cleaned, so will your phone, computer, or other tech devices.
Does this sound familiar? You buy a brand-new device, and it runs quickly and efficiently. But then you start loading it up with apps and start saving photos, and suddenly it slows down. In this situation, your device may need to be freed up of space or cleared of a virus you caught.
The slower your device runs, the less work you’ll get done. It’s frustrating because your device shouldn’t have to be replaced this soon.
Before you run out to replace your device, just contact us and we can help with these three services:

  • Remote service

  • Onsite service

  • Cleaning service




Cleaning Service

That pesky layer of dust and grime on your device is more than just a distracting nuisance. Dirty devices often lead to broken devices. Tech devices and equipment need to be cleaned properly to ensure they function the right way. That’s why we use careful and thorough cleaning processes to get the job done right.
We clean the following device components:

  1. Screens

  2. Keyboard

  3. Phones

  4. Mouses

  5. Inside PC and laptop

Clearing the dust, dirt, and bacteria off your device lowers the risk of it breaking or spreading germs.

This Service is UK base only

cleaning service
onsite service

Onsite Service

Sometimes your tech device can encounter bigger issues that can’t be resolved remotely. That’s why we offer onsite service. Our onsite service provides significant fixes that boost the performance of your device. Here’s what we can help with in-person:

  1. Diagnose issues

  2. Replace hardware

  3. Upgrade specs

  4. Set up devices

Have peace of mind knowing your device is in good hands. We are experts at diagnosing and fixing a
multitude of technology issues.

This Service is UK base only

Remote Service

If you want your tech device maintained but don’t want to deal with shipping it or bringing it to a store, then our remote service is perfect for you. Just chat online or speak to us over the phone, and we’ll guide you through each step.
These are some of the ways we can get your device running like new:

  1. Declutter unwanted software

  2. Clean your browser

  3. Update software and firmware

  4. Delete unnecessary temporary files

  5. Defragment and optimize drives

  6. Remove viruses 

Remote service


Ready for your device to work better than ever? Get your Smart Phone, Computer, or another tech device back in prime condition.



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